Career Orientation Package

The ‘Career Orientation’ package includes the following services:

  • Identify your ideal next step in your career;
  • Assessment past – current situation: what is the story of your life? What did you learn from important events in your life? Are there particular repetitions in your life?
  • Find ways to gain insight into your talents, goals, dreams, values, needs and priorities by answering given questions, doing set exercises, performing analyses and eventually taking written tests;
  • Guidance in identifying your future personal career anchor(s). What are your dominant motivators, as it relates to work? What are your work preferences in the future?
  • In order to find the answers to the above questions, the GROW-model will be used to support the process; what is the current situation and what is needed towards the ideal next career step, summarized in a Personal Career Development Plan;
  • Six online career coaching sessions by Skype. The duration of each session is about 60 minutes;
  • A sparring partner throughout the whole emotional process;
  • Inspiration, motivation and joy – on tap!
  • Six full months of unlimited email support;

Financial investment in your future career€ 420,00, excluding 19% (German) VAT


Sign up for a free Skype orientation session with the expert in expat careers. Global online career and job orientation: whenever – wherever you are; in English, German or Dutch.




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