How to get the most out of your (new) job abroad?

Life as an expat offers many exciting opportunities. You can meet new people, develop your international career and get to know your new host country and all it has to offer. The downside is that you also have to deal with friends and family being far away and getting used to a different (work) culture. And if you or your family isn’t happy it has a huge impact on your working day. To find your way in your new job abroad all by yourself is time-consuming and can be very frustrating.

Coaching helps you to increase:

  • Your performance in your working environment
  • The well-being of you and your family

Coaching by Expats@Work will be focused on:

  • “How to speed up my performance in my new job?”
  • “What are the objectives of my new job?”
  • “What do I need to achieve my goals?”
  • “How to deal with international colleagues and cross-cultural differences?”
  • “How to be myself in an environment that is culturally different?”
  • “How to achieve a better (expat) work/life balance?”
  • Ways to be more self-supportive and satisfied at work.
  • “How to cope with friends and family being far away?”
  • Redundancy support: help, my employer terminated my contract. How can I find a new job?
  • Meeting other expat challenges.


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‘Can’t you?’ the Queen said in a pitying tone. ‘Try again: draw a long breath, and shut your eyes.’

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Chapter 5 – Wool & Water, Alice in Wonderland

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